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About us

Welcome  to the homepage of Degenbeck GmbH foundry technologies and engineering. Please get a general idea about our performances on the following pages.

In the foundry sector our clients benefit of more than 20 years experience in this branch. Our target is a long-term cooperation in partnership to our clients, which will be also consulted in all relevant questions by Degenbeck after finishing the project. Please use our know-how to solve your technical problems in that cases, too, where the convergation is not possible because of internal capacity-shortage. On the basis of our long-term experience in the automative branch we dispose of a well-funded technical knowledge in the sector of process automation.

Degenbeck GmbH produces machines and tools for automotive interieur of various car manufacturers with high quality standard. So our machines ensure for example, that the different components of a door trim can be easily and process optimezed mounted by the worker. Therefore a sophisticated technic and an extreme awareness of the constructor is necessary.

Special design

We a proud of beeing regulary authorized by our clients with the construction and building of special designs, special machines and tools, which are not available at the free market. Because of our long-term experience in various branches and lean management we will soon find an economic solution - hand in hand with our clients.